The Winery
Cellar Master Chris Williams takes us inside the three-hundred year old building that houses the Meerlust winery, and discusses its...play

The Soil
Cellar Master Chris Williams introduces us to the 167 million year-old star at Meerlust - the soil....play

The Vineyards
Roelie Joubert is the viticulturist at Meerlust and it is his footsteps in the vineyard that provide the best fertiliser for the vines....play

Meerlust Rubicon
Few wines in South Africa are as recognised and respected as Meerlust Rubicon. An icon wine since its introduction in 1984....play

Meerlust Chardonnay
Meerlust planted its first chardonnay vineyards in 1990, and since 1995 the Meerlust Chardonnay has been an integral part of...play

Meerlust Cabernet
2004 is the first vintage since 1993 that Meerlust is releasing a Cabernet Sauvignon as a single varietal. To help mark the occasion...play